Boris Ehlers
Last month, Foo Fighters released their ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold. Hidden deep within the D-side of the new record you'll find a domain name, As it turns out, that domain will take you to a site that contains the sheet music for all 11 tracks on the new
A release date has been set for the fundraising EP collection 7-inches for Planned Parenthood. The digital format will be available for download on Friday, October 20th, while the physical version ships on November 17th. With the announcement comes the release of Sleater-Kinney??s contribution to the
Demi Lovato's new documentary, Simply Complicated, premiered on YouTube on Tuesday, and has already racked up over 2.5 million views. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the revealing film features extensive interviews with the singer and pop star, chronicling in detail the full extent of the addictions
Back in August, Everything Everything released their third straight top-10 U.K. charting album, proving once again that they are one of the British Isles' top indie rock acts. Titled A Fever Dream, the LP finds the band digging deeper into the modern human condition, hoping to expose the absurdity
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